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Sales & Marketing

Better insights to improve your marketing and sales

To engage with healthcare professionals (HCP) or organizations (HCO), life sciences organizations have recently accelerated the transition to digital sales and marketing automation. Still, many sales strategies lack personalization, a seamless experience, and other strategic elements of digital sales and marketing.

We help our customers to gain better customer insights from their data. Together, we optimize their digital strategies, to reach a net increase - up to 6% - in sales with higher margins and a 100% improvement in campaign engagement, besides other measurable benefits.


We define your marketing strategy, personae and HCP segments, plus the tactics to approach your addressable market and KPIs for measurement and corrections

We implement and set-up your marketing technologies

We gather and integrate data from your different channels and sources,  enrich data with external ‘proof of evidence’ and convert suggestions into actions

We create a seamless experience across different channels, suggest potential follow-up actions and HCP profiling insights.

We train your staff in this change process to digital sales and marketing. Awareness, training and continuous coaching will facilitate medical, marketing and sales staff to collaborate more closely. We drive adoption at an acceptable pace.

We help you balance customer choice and personalization against mandatory privacy requirements. You will deal with customers in a correct way and avoid penalties for data breaches.

Better customer experience 
You will engage with them across multiple channels;

Better sales performance and market approach 
You enable your organization to optimize customer and prospect targeting Thanks to the automation of marketing and sales and gained insights to optimize customer and prospect targeting with relevant content at the right time, in real-time;

Increased productivity 
You create a stronger collaborative mindset, training and continuous coaching and optimize your commercial, medical and marketing staff efforts 

You will benefit from best of breed marketing data technologies, independent from any given vendor

You benefit from the latest innovations to remain efficient, agile and aware of emerging marketing trends;