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Manufacturing & Distribution

Due to regulatory and compliance constraints life sciences organizations are, compared to other industries, traditionally slow in adopting a "cloud-first" mindset for their operations. Many life sciences companies avoid to adopt new XaaS-platforms because of the validation workload created by the mandatory (periodic) updates. 

At the same time cloud solutions are offering significant wins in terms of flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness now that traditional manufacturing and distribution models are being pressurized by new, personalized drug therapies.  

Our automated compliant testing framework brought together by a cross functional LSI team helps in lowering the burden on your validation teams.  


What we do

In order to maximize value from validation automation our cross functional experts will identify the most critical business use cases from compliance and business point of view. 

We help bringing together the necessary stakeholders to define the right automated validation roadmap, approach and process in order to guarantee a compliant solution.

After successful defining the approach a seamless integration of the automated validation framework is crucial. Our validation and technological expertise guides your organization through this challenging project. 

The goal of the automated validation solution is to save time and cost for your organization. It is therefore important to setup an excellent training programme as well as as exquisite support services save on valueable time and money.




What you benefit

Save time of your already overbooked compliance team. 

Save budget that you can invest in the core business of your organisation in order to develop novel products for patients. 

Shorten time to patient by speeding up your validation process.  

Identify software errors/bugs faster and assure this way business continuity.