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Drug Discovery

Many steps of the drug discovery process have been digitized by now. It gives us valuable data - even big data - to work with, and that’s a new challenge to tackle. There are as many steps to R&D, as there are solutions and data sources on the global software market. Many cloud applications help to reduce the lead time through in-silico data entries, but a comprehensive tool hasn’t been marketed yet. You will maximize research time savings only if you integrate your stand-alone building blocks. which allows to compare and integrate more data, quicker.

We help drug discovery organizations to adopt a cloud strategy that is capable of combining several, future-proof building blocks.

We implement these different tools in your existing infrastructure. Only a consolidated software architecture allow you to accelerate patient treatment.

Our software engineers keep applications up to date and future-proof the software architecture of customers, by continuously adding modular and compliant cloud solutions according to the think-build-run application lifecycle stages we define together.

On average, this data integration accelerates the drug discovery process by 10 percent.

Working quicker saves budget and resources that can be allocated elsewhere

Comparing more data adds intelligence and accuracy to the research process