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Drug Development

Because of the immense value real world evidence harnesses, life sciences and healthcare organizations are investing a lot of time and means to make the several different clinical data sources interoperable and unlock its value for drug development, approval and optimization.

Unfortunately, many different standards are used in life sciences and healthcare. A one-size-fits-all concept for this digitalization does not exist just yet. And without a common ground, you cannot integrate data and you won’t unlock the real value of your data. 

Thanks to our cross-functional industry focus, we can help to integrate clinical data and accelerate drug development in your life sciences organization.

We kick off with a clinical data maturity check providing an in-depth view of your current clinical data management process. We identify which data can be useful and how it can be accessed to gain insights to fuel decisions and add value to your process.

We harmonize your clinical data sources (SNOMED, CDISC, ICD10, DICOM, MedDRA, WHODrug, LOINC, OMOP OHDSI) to keep only one platform for automated Data Collection (ePRO, ePerfO, eClinRO, eObsRO), Data Review, Data Analysis and Submission packages.

We implement change management processes across the organization to make sure we grasp every benefit.

We create end-to-end visibility of your development chain when you control your entire data flow. For this, we will apply data integrity by design principles in your organization.

You will have integrated and clearly visualized this data integration reduces the lead-time and costs of clinical data management

You won’t have to insert information that’s still on paper, increasing the quality of your data

Combining more data adds intelligence and accuracy to the development process