Value chain

Inject knowledge in life sciences

Based on a deep-rooted belief in collaboration through knowledge sharing, LSI offers added value by offering services and solutions in response to current challenges in life science industry. 

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Drug Discovery

Siloed experiment data slows down collaboration

Creating a loss in valuable time for breakthrough insights to the patient

On short term only the immediate added value of domain specific data is considered.
Historical data can hold a wealth of insights

In order to achieve real progress in your pipeline, it is important to have a clear organization-wide view of the available data and cross organizational progress made.

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Drug Development

Unlock the value of RWE

The wealth of insights from real world settings require a specific approach to deploy them for drug development

Interesting clinical data resides on different platforms at different stakeholders. 
Combining this data into the right standards and creating useable insights or visualizations ask for specific technological tools and regulatory competences.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Compliant Automated Testing

Reduce the workload of your validation team

Periodic updates of your multi-tenant cloud solutions generate massive validation needs.
Keeping the validated state of your multi-tenant cloud asks for an agile and compliant test strategy and necessary toolings.



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Sales & Marketing

Insights Driven Commercial Model

Supporting Commercial suggesting possible commercial actions

Face-to-face opportunities, throughout Life Sciences, are becoming fewer and fewer. It requires a good marketing plan to help sales representatives to open dialogues with the target market.

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Value Based Care

Add Value to your therapy

Offer your patients a seamless experience

Support patient interaction, give patients control over their data & provide patients with validated & relevant Information

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